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Privacy Policy

This policy was last updated on
May 19th, 2023

A Catalyst for Change

In the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, Beem found itself facing a formidable challenge. The hunt for high-quality candidates was proving to be more demanding than ever. That's when they turned to Gauge - a decision that would reshape their recruitment trajectory.
Gauge’s comprehensive suite of tools made an immediate impact. Beem’s recruitment team was able to streamline their processes, bolster efficiency, and most importantly, connect with the right candidates.
A marked increase in the quality of candidates: Gauge's AI-powered search enabled Beem to tap into a more diverse and higher-quality talent pool.
Enhanced team collaboration: Gauge's shared candidate profiles and notes feature fostered better communication within Beem's recruitment team.
Access anytime, anywhere: Being a cloud-based platform, Gauge allowed Beem's team to keep up with their recruitment tasks regardless of their location.

Sustained Success and Expansion of Usage

The initial success Beem experienced with Gauge was just the beginning. Today, Gauge's platform has become an integral part of Beem's hiring strategy. Not only is it used for candidate search and selection, but also for the onboarding of new hires.
With Gauge, Beem has transformed their talent acquisition process, proving that the right tools can indeed pave the path to recruitment success. As Beem's CEO aptly puts it, "Gauge is now an indispensable part of our hiring toolkit." This statement stands as a testament to Gauge's effectiveness and the transformative power it holds for modern businesses.