Honeybolt is a LA-based CBD company that promotes wellness through safe relaxation that can be found with their products.

Where fun and relaxation meet—the Honeybolt CBD brand

The client wanted a streamlined, colorful website to match their branding that was full of vibrant illustrations and a playful color palette. Their previous site did not implement the branding effectively and relied a lot on off-brand stock imagery.

We made sure that the Honeybolt yellow was implemented across the new site's pages—in the illustrations, buttons, the footer etc. We got rid of all stock images and maximized the wide range of illustrations and color the Honeybolt brand already had.

Honeybolt also had numerous discounts throughout the year that only got promoted through their newsletter and Instagram, and nowhere on their website. So we did an easy fix of making sure to include a banner on top to place any active discounts or promotions.

Organizing an extensive product list for a zen purchasing experience

The client also wanted simplified collections to properly categorize their extensive product range. Previously, their category filters were not functional and users had to scroll through long pages to find exactly what they needed.

We decided to organize their products according to mode of consumption—is it eaten, vaped, or given to pets? The collection page was easy to filter, and each product was given more space around for ease on the eyes as well as ease in the search for the perfect product. A quick buy hover state was implemented for smoother and quicker shopping and checkout experience, especially for their returning customers.

Social proof is an essential part of the consumer experience nowadays, so a review section was also included on the product pages. The product page’s design with the collapsible menu for more information made it easier to see those reviews, without having to scroll so far down before you saw them.

Keeping your customers in the know

Finally, the client of course wanted to cater to their curious and discerning customers. They wanted to provide all the information about their products—and CBD in general—on the site in a legible and accessible way.

Where the different categories of information were previously arranged under vague titles, the new About Page switched the headers out for questions —the questions any CBD fan has asked or a newcomer would like to know. All this information was condensed onto one page, instead of multiple ones.

Beyond that, every single page had the Honeybolt yellow footer, containing the branded icons for a quick overview of what Honeybolt's products are about.

In the 6 months that followed, Honeybolt saw a...


increase in online store sales


increase in return
customer rate

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