Lilac is a makeup line by Instagram model Lilymaymac, its first collection consisting of a travel-sized set of three liquid lipsticks.

Great things come in small and simple packages

The client needed a simple site to highlight the beauty images of Lilymaymac, no doubt the main draw of the brand—but feature their product range as well.

The beauty images prominently featuring Lily's face were displayed across the site to showcase her lipstick product in use. With soft pinks that took cue from the lipstick shades and deep browns as accents, the resulting design hoped to play up feminine softness that emphasised the MLBB ('My Lips But Better') product.

Innovative Makeup Technology

The product page showcases beautiful product imagery as well as Lily herself with the different shades on. Because the formula was developed in South Korea, leaders of innovative beauty product, the client wanted to emphasise the qualities and value of the product itself.

In partnership with the Lilac marketing team, reviews were incentivised and collected from Lily's fans and non-fans alike who had purchased the product. Their reviews were then highlighted to give social proof of the product's worth beyond Lilymaymac's lure, futher bolstering the appeal of the product.

The Lilac Photoshoot

Aside from designing Lilac's website, our designer also served as the art director of the product shoot. The goal of the photoshoot was to provide beautiful product imagery for the website, highlighting the compact elegance of the Lilac products.

The packaging featured a rose-gold imprint of leaves that have a beautiful reflective quality when the light hits it just right. Imagery featuring the products held by a hand model also showed the travel-friendly size of the packaging.

Keeping your customers in the know

As the brand launched on online platforms only, the the physical package that each customer received had to be carefully designed as an extension of Lilac. This packaging, from the lipstick itself to the bubble mailer and stickers was conceptualised and executed.

Together with Lilac's marketing team, our designer helped create an influencer campaign to build even more excitement up to the launch of Lilac. Special PR kits were designed, closely collaborated with Lily as well, with some of the items featuring her tattoos and favorite things.

In the 6 months that followed, Lilac by Lilymaymac saw...


followers on Instagram


lipsticks sold

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