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Golden Arches Homecare

Golden Arches Home Care provides in-home living assistance to your elderly loved ones living in California. There’s growing demand for senior home care—20% of Californians will be seniors within the decade—and Golden Arches hopes to be that helping hand when you need it. While other home care sites took on a matter of fact tone, we wanted the brand to feel supportive, knowledgeable, and reassuring: just the way a caregiver would feel.


Website Design & Development

Content Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Keyword research

Website Copy & On-page SEO

Visual Identity

website design & branding studio projectswebsite design studio project

The website is the brand’s primary touchpoint and the main source of information & contact point for the brand. We wanted the customer journey to be simple and intuitive, providing all the information needed before the customer had to ask for it. Golden Arches’ messaging was crafted to sound firm but compassionate, thoughtful and upbeat.

website design & branding studio projects

The logo icon features two characters with arms interlocked, expressing an image of companionship. The icon playfully includes a heart shape within the two figures, and of course subtly hints at the brand name. It’s paired with a serif logotype that feels familiar and trustworthy. The gold color accent is thoughtfully placed amongst calming blues and greens, like a ray of light—reflecting the hope and dignity Golden Arches’ services can bring.

website design & branding studio projects

The on-page SEO and copy was created in close collaboration with Suvi Hoikka. We thank her for her hard work!

website design & branding studio projects
website design & branding studio projects

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