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Saipo Soap

Saipo Skin is a conscious, cruelty-free & plant-based skincare company. Founded and based in the Philippines, Saipo Skin hopes elevate the perception of local skincare brands —and create products that truly serve Filipinos.


Website Design & Development

Social Media Launch Strategy

website design & branding studio projectswebsite design studio project

Saipo started out on a clunky website platform that required constant maintenance. The founders wanted to focus more time on product development and marketing, thus their new site had to bring a smooth and intuitive experience to both the customers and owners. This would deliver a more seamless shopping experience for Saipo’s customers, and free up time for where it mattered to Saipo’s founders.

website design & branding studio projects

Their website relaunch came with a rebrand as Saipo Skin and the launch of their newest product befitting the rebrand. The new name allows for growth and expansion in a way Saipo Soap couldn’t, and also reflected the founder’s passion for educating people about how to care for your skin.

NOTE: Although they’ve closed their Shopify store for now, Saipo is selling out their new products via Shopee!

website design & branding studio projects
website design & branding studio projects
website design & branding studio projects

I am so happy with how our new website turned out. It looks clean, professional, and on-brand. It’s exactly what I wanted!


Co-founder of Saipo Skin

We had a great time working with Noro & Sün. Amazing project management and comms. They can go in-depth without losing sight of the big picture.


Co-founder of Saipo Skin

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