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Studio Bennie Website Design & Brand Identity Project

Studio Bennie wants to make digital marketing fun. Out with the usual seriousness, in with playfulness. Reduce the jargon, emphasize how they help clients. Ads & numbers don’t have to be intimidating when you work with people who are passionate about data and helping your business.

Studio Bennie is a new venture, but the owners are no newbies. They’ve handled 7-digit dollar budgets and worked at Asia’s top e-commerce platforms.


Brand strategy

Visual & verbal identity

Website design & development

Website content strategy

Social media launch

website design & branding studio projectswebsite design studio project

Passionate people themselves, Studio Bennie works with brands they believe in. The warmth and genuineness of the duo had to be translated in their visual identity. The studio is charmingly named after their dog: a presence that brings lightness and laughter. These were some of the emotions Studio Bennie wanted to replicate with their brand.

website design & branding studio projects

How did we marry play and clarity? A bright and bold color palette geometric icons and wayfinders, and clear hierarchy of text. Crisp sans-serif fonts with playful, modern touches. The logomark itself was clean and simple, a seamless combination of S&B, with a few custom touches to the logotype.

website design & branding studio projects

Language is central to a friendly identity, so we worked with copywriter Megan to guide Studio Bennie’s voice. For example: we helped rename their packages to be less technical and more descriptive to show the different levels of support they can offer business owners. Their website’s messaging had to be supportive — that of a friend who happens to have the expertise to help your business grow. This, paired with a fun identity makes digital marketing feel a lot less intimidating.

website design & branding studio projects

As a small studio ourselves, we’re excited to see Studio Bennie grow. We’re rooting for you!

website design & branding studio projects

Noro & Sun helped me and my partner clarify what we wanted our business to be. The questions they asked us help us figure out where we wanted to take our business.

The final website and visuals were also so well thought of; it was clear that Noro & Sun listened to what we wanted and made our vision and ~vibes come to life—even when I myself didn’t know how to put into words what I wanted.

Their way of working is also filled with so much empathy, active listening.


Co-founder of Studio Bennie

"It was clear N&S listened to what we wanted and made our vision and vibes come to life."

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