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Vickers Venture Partners

Vickers Venture Partners is a global venture capital firm, focusing on deep tech investments worldwide.

The Vickers team wanted to transform from having a generic online presence, to one that really spoke to their mission and values. They also wanted the new Vickers tagline, Funding a Better World, to be the core of the messaging throughout the new website.


Website Design & Development

Visual Identity Refresh

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There were two focuses for our content strategy for the new Vickers website. First, show how Vickers is funding a better world, by featuring their "Changemakers" prominently.

Second, presenting their unique Vickers’ strategy which is responsible for the success of their portfolio companies, while generating financial returns for their investors.

As we collaborated to build the content for the website, we made sure to keep the writing approachable and easy to digest—they did not want to come across as stiff and unfriendly.

website design & branding studio projects

Once we nailed down the content and got the prototypes approved, it was time to build!

We built the website on Webflow, our platform of choice.

website design & branding studio projects

We also refreshed their branding. We cleaned up their logo and created custom graphics, building a simple design system to be used on their website and for their internal presentations.

We put more focus on their color palette, and with minimal, geometric graphics that created a clean, modern look. The rectangular shape of the graphics suggest building blocks, components of a system, individuals… These come together in various forms to communicate different ideas: networks, processes, growth, teams.

website design & branding studio projects

Moving them from Wordpress to Webflow has also made the team’s life easier. With CMS-powered sections that make adding and editing content simple and quick, they now can make changes on their own without hiring a developer.

They also no longer have to worry about manual updates and plugins—a huge plus for their team too, so they can really focus on what they truly do best.

website design & branding studio projects

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