LA-based Trapper's Delight sells urban streetwear and accessories to complement the laidback lifestyle of its users.

Visualize the Merchandise

As an upcoming cannabis label, Trapper's Delight took its brand to a streetwear collection of boldly colored hoodies, caps, and even skate decks. The client wanted to launch with straightforward site, with every product type visible on the landing page.

Trapper's Delight wanted an edgy e-commerce platform to match their Instagram profile. We implemented predominantly black and white in design to let the products, with their vibrant colors and camo prints, stand out.

Showcase the Trappers Delight Lifestyle

Trapper's Delight does not only sell streetwear merchandise but also desires to promote a supreme lifestyle for people living in urban settings. When customers buy their quality products, they recognize what the brand stands for. This way of life is something they wanted highlighted by the websites design and translated in their customer’s website and social media experience.

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