Borough’s new, patient-centric website is easy to use and gets the eye clinic better leads

Website Design & Development, SEO Strategy & Optimization, Content Strategy & Copywriting, Brand Refresh, Migration from Wordpress to Webflow

Borough Lasik Center approached us to develop a new website, timed perfectly for the launch of their premium service, Z-Lasik, designed to offer patients enhanced comfort, precision, and faster recovery.

Our primary goal was to craft a patient-centric website that would instill confidence and trust in them. Instead of overwhelming patients with the technical jargon of their procedures, we lead with their eye issues, something patients are likely to be familiar with—then we showed their treatment options. We also created patient care guides, to

Recognizing that LASIK surgery is a significant decision, we created a dedicated testimonials page, featuring feedback from both recent and long-term patients. The aim was to reassure potential clients with success stories and the transformative benefits of LASIK.

All of this was seamlessly built using Webflow, ensuring that the Borough team had an easy-to-manage website that wouldn't distract them from their daily clinic operations.

We can't post the full project yet—come back later!

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