Redesigning a VC firm's website so they can focus on bettering the world

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Vickers Venture Partners is a global venture capital firm, focusing on deep tech investments worldwide.

After years of success, they’ve shifted their focus to companies that are solving the world’s real and fundamental problems— think biodegradable plastic alternatives, cures for cancer, geothermal innovations, and more.

With this shift came their new tagline “Funding a Better World.” They wanted their new website to be centered around this motto. This meant shifting the focus from them, to their portfolio companies that are making meaningful, impactful change in our world.

Our goals were to design a site that presents Vickers as professional and modern, yet still come across as approachable; and to build a site that will be easy for them to update and manage moving forward.

Migrating them from WordPress to Webflow has significantly improved the team's efficiency, enabling them to easily manage and update content without the need for a developer. This change also eliminated concerns about manual updates and plugins, allowing the team to focus on their core mission of improving the world.

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