Shifting Gears: MRLC's Move from Word-of-Mouth to A Strong Online Presence

"Our website is very easy to use compared to other platforms where coding knowledge is needed. It’s good to know that it can be taught to my employees even though they don’t have any background with websites.”

Ryan C, Marketing & Comms Manager
Website Design & Development, SEO Strategy & Optimization, Content Strategy, Website Copy, Blog writing

MRLC Transport, a corporate car rental that’s been around since the ‘90s, came to us seeking a fresh approach to expand their business’ reach. The founders realized word of mouth was no longer effective, and they needed a solid online presence.

For their first venture into the online realm, MRLC's main goal was a website that not only looked good but was also easy for their team to handle without tech support.

The key focus of the website content was showcasing their top-notch service, and emphasizing their decades of experience serving corporate clients, aiming to turn website visitors into clients.

SEO optimization gave MRLC a solid foundation to grow their website, coupled with a strategy to guide them in creating blogs that would boost their visibility.

We chose Webflow as the platform to build their website—making maintenance a breeze for the MRLC team. Throughout the process, we provided a smooth and guided experience:

“We felt very supported. Our experience with your team was very guided, next steps were clearly laid out. It was very organized, and the documentation was good. It was easy to go back to the project and see where we’re at. I didn’t have to follow up to find out what was going on.”

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A great online presence starts with a clear & effective website.

—keep it up with a website you can easily maintain.
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