Webflow x Shopify: YORI's new website leverages the best of both platforms

Website Design & Development, Content Strategy, On-Page SEO

“YORI was able to look and feel more like it should, thanks to Noro & Sün who have branding know-how that was helpful in developing a website that was easier to understand and go through.“

YORI Marketing Team

The YORI team came to us to redesign their website.

They wanted a more seamless online experience, as well as a redesign to really bring out the playful and fun side of the YORI brand.

Their old website was on Wordpress, while their product backend is hosted on Shopify.

Their Wordpress website needed frequent manual upkeep, and their Shopify connection broke, leaving their Wordpress product page broken.

They also updated their brand positioning, and needed website copy to reflect that.

YORI needed a website that would

  • Display their Shopify-hosted products without hassle
  • Deliver a seamless shopping experience
  • Apply their brand identity better
  • Reflect their new messaging
  • Get more eyes on their website

We built their new website on Webflow, with a custom solution that seamlessly linked to their Shopify backend. Now, they no longer have the hassle of manually updating their products, and their customers can shop YORI products with ease!

We added in more fun and interactive sections to their website to bring out the playful side of the brand.

The copy we created for them was crafted based on YORI new brand messaging, on an SEO strategy for better visibility.

Now, the YORI team has a website they can easily manage, that gets them more leads and converts customers much better!

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