Having a website is a lot like having a good publicist.

Think about it...with a website, you don't need to spend a lot of time going on and on about your business. Instead, you can focus on connecting with customers, improving your offering, and reaping the benefits.

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noro & sun website design like a publicist

Our packages,
designed for you.

​We’ve created our packages to match your goals and support you, whatever stage your business is in.

Besides our objective eyes and our branding mindset, you also get an external creative team (a bonus for small businesses with no budget for it yet!).
Besides our objective eyes and our branding mindset, you also get an external creative team (a bonus for small businesses with no budget for it yet!).

Style &

who is this for?
You understand the value in investing in your brand. You’re ready to take the plunge with a branding strategy and a website that will get your business growing.

It’s time to get serious, and you know that to get there, you need the help and insight of our creative team.
When design and strategy work together, great things happen! You’ll get a beautiful, fully functioning website, an online presence that's aligned with your goals and ensures a great customer experience. Plus, a unique brand strategy that lets you stand out.

Set Up Shop

You’re a small business owner who’s ready to launch online (congrats!). You’ve got your branding, your images and copy are ready to be uploaded...you just need help with the logistics of setting up an online store.

You have the budget, you have the time—now you just need our hand in putting it all together.
what do i get out of it?
Get closer to reaching your goals with a fully functional website. Our team designs websites that offer your customers user-friendly experiences tailored to your brand.

Having a website gives you access to detailed analytics reports, so you can learn more about your business and grow faster.

One & Done

who is this for?
Maybe you’re just starting out, or you’re a well-established business. Either way, you know what you’re after: a dedicated, full-fledged team offering full support to ensure your brand’s successful launch or relaunch.

You want the full works, from a custom website design to engaging copy that shows off your personality.
what do i get out of it?
This tailored-for-you package ticks off everything your business needs. We go beyond designing your website and coming up with your brand strategy, making sure that you have all your bases covered and primed for success. It includes digital marketing, copywriting, social media strategy, SEO—just to name a few!

Imagine you could...

Expand your online presence beyond INSTAGRAM

Having a website opens up so many more opportunities for your business' growth.

get more leads and more business

The truth is, a website gives you a lot more credibility. Gain trust, gain loyal customers.

let your website do the heavy-lifting

Automate parts of your business and see how that changes your life!

save time, effort, and money

Effective websites are investments into your business' future. We help you get it right.

We're a good fit if you...

love collaboration
Our process relies on a back & forth between you, the expert on your business, and us, the experts on building your online presence!
have time to invest
We also understand solopreneurs have lots of things on their plate, our timelines can accommodate for that too.
are excited to tell your story
We believe the strongest brands have passionate founders with a story to share. Whether you're service- or product-based, we can help!

We're not a great fit if you...

want "just" a logo
A good logo starts with good strategy. Projects with us are well-rounded and go beyond just the visual identity of your brand.
don't have a budget (YET!)
Our basic package starts at $4000, a worthy investment when you're ready. We always offer small-biz-friendly payment plans too!
only care about looks
We uncover the value of your offer & communicate it clearly to your audience. That means creating from a strong strategy so your looks are never just cosmetic.

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